Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Single Mothers Rule the World

..well, at least you would think so, with the amount of credit that Ann Coulter gives them. Apparently single mothers victimize others according to recent interviews and her book chapter entitled "Victim of a crime? Thank a single mom." With that kind of blather published by Crown Publishing Group, I have gained real hope that I will become a book author, since my standards for content are incomparably higher.

Oh and another excellent supposition by the blatherer: the liberal media promotes single motherhood. Yeah, that's right, if you replace the word "promotes" with "supports"....just a BIG difference, actually. No one is ADVOCATING for more young ladies to grow up to become single mothers. Liberals don't dream up princess stories about becoming a single mom when they grow up. Rather, liberals are just practical enough to know that it happens, that it is REALITY, and they try to be supportive. What's the alternative? Is Ann Coulter promoting abortion? Or would she rather exterminate pregnant unmarried woman? What's the use in her rhetoric?

And that brings me to my next point. Her rhetoric is utterly useless. There's no solution that comes out of her blather, just as there's no wisdom either from that childless spinster. Truly, her suppositions are broad generalizations, and as always generalizations are false in many case and point examples. For example, she is blonde and skinny, so applying her (lack of) thinking approach, I would have to assume that she is a dumb, bulimic, bimbo, who can't drive.

Ooooo, I just slammed women and why do that; I'm female? Just another example illustrating why part of the reason the whole attack by Ann Coulter seems so hurtful, is because it seems that she's targeting her own. But really, considering what a venomous bitch she is, I guess she hasn't; she hasn't uttered a single hurtful sling at female snakes.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Recently, in a social network conversation, I was told that my response was "scripted" and "liberal". I found myself plummeted back into the recent memories of the Republican propaganda machine, where good qualities were magically transformed into questionable traits. In this special take on the world, excellence in discourse is deemed "talking above the American public" and even meanness, and responses like "You Betcha" and winking is considered real American language. I guess a portion of the American public believes that international diplomacy is better done with being nice and showing a little leg? I can see that going over well in a visit to Parliament. Expertise, and heaven forbid, an advanced qualification is considered elitist in this crazy world. I wouldn't necessarily agree with that, as the US Census Bureau data for 2007 indicates that 2,496,000 Americans have doctoral degrees. Doctoral programs are very accessible to the middle class, and entrance and completion of a PhD are primarily based on hard work and commitment, NOT connections-as is implied by "elitist" (unless we start talking about the Ivy League.)

Still, should having spent at least an estimated 20,000 hours devoted towards the study of one focused topic deem you more knowledgeable than the average person and worthy of being listened to on your studied topic? Probably. In fact, it may even be considered wise to listen the thoughts of a person who has devoted their life towards the pursuit of knowledge (often without reasonable compensation, and thus, no other motivation than "to know"), of course, concerning their area of expertise. It will always disturb me to ponder how well respected the opinions of celebrities are: people who have risen to their status based primarily upon looks, connections, and acting/singing talent. I would hazard a guess that none of those qualities make celebrities any better able to logically think, weigh out risks and benefits, analyze data, manage a business, or apply both detail-driven and global perspective to decision making.

So right. Scripted. Someone told me what to say or even better, I just copied it from the internet? Wrong. How about, my answer was well thought-out and well-written, thank you very much.