Monday, December 12, 2005

The Doctor is IN.

The Doctor is IN.
The Doctor is IN.,
originally uploaded by beckybumblefuck.
Here is the scene:

Playdate number 4: Noel's pad.

After wreaking havoc by extracting every toy in the house from its

original location or container, Big Boy Bryant and Noel engage in a

round of Doctor/Patient, where Noel plays the sick one.

Let me stress: This was a well-supervised activity.

And now it's time for the "I rock"-dance 'cause, directly after all

that play, I successfully fed BBB pasta followed by freshly baked

scones. AND HE ASKED FOR MORE. That was my proudest moment of the

first half of December.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Holiday Happy

There were two things that were very pleasing tonight.

First, I managed to purchase a St. Nicholas present for Noel, right
under her nose. The pharmacist was even in on it, and hid the present
from view. I love collaborative efforts to surprise people,
especially when it involves the help of random, nice people.

Second, during our dinner out, the Christmas tunes revolved to the
song "Noel, Noel". You should have seen my girl's (Noel's) face! She
had an adorable, almost 4-year-old expression that was a mixture of
shyness and extreme happiness. Her grin was blazing...

*satisfied sigh*
oooo, these things make me happy...