Thursday, August 31, 2006

Foisting culture on Farnborough

The Americans have landed!! The Americans have landed!!


And furthermore, this is what we've done....

We barely managed to get in the country before a terrorist threat
virtually dropped the movement of all UK airports to a
standstill....of course customs did give us our own special
run-around. Then, apparently we were distracting enough to cause a
minor accident on the way to Farnborough that same morning. *whew*
Despite that, we're all in one piece.

After a quick morning trip to the pike-y fair and a full day's spent
at the zoo, I got liquored-up with new British friends while our
lovely kids jumped late into the night on a bouncy castle. It was fun
for all.....even for the poor Sweethearts that had to drive us home.
We bought 'em of. We actually just paid for our own
and made use of the 2 for 1 dinner deal. They're still in the dark
about that, though. Shhhhh.

We were invited for a very civilized curry with Noe's first school
teacher. Mmmm, quite lovely. A quick trip to the bog then...*whew*
that was stinky....hmmmm....why was that flush so
ineffective?...erm....again....again....again...ERM....Okey, we're getting somewhere....Noe, don't play with that globe
over the toi-LET!...*shakes head*...OK, well, Listerine sterilizes,
right?....good as new. Alrightly, then, back to our friends....

As indicated by the accompanying photographs, we are regulars of the
playground that is a mere 100 meters from our front door. Recently the
British boys I met there were quite tickled by the differences in
American and British
language...knickers..panties....trainers..sneakers....boot..trunk....comfort..fabric Heard tell as
I was walking away..."I'm gonna meet an American girl and move
there...." ;)

foist (foist) Pronunciation Key
tr.v. foist·ed, foist·ing, foists
1. To pass off as genuine, valuable, or worthy.
2. To impose (something or someone unwanted) upon another by coercion
or trickery.

Definition 1 or 2?? .....You Decide. ;)

Saturday, August 19, 2006


originally uploaded by beckybumblefuck.
(pictures taken by P. Nuzzi)

Americans aren't excessive....A quick trot around my little dead-end

street revealed 29 houses and 67 cars (including only the visible

ones-i.e. not the ones in garages or the ones that were out of


Noel's best bud, big boy Bryant said to me as we were leaving school

one day: "Can Noel come over and sleep with me again?" *big sweet,

pleading blue eyes*

Me: *gulp* Er....sure. (And this is officially the ONLY time that I am

agreeing to a request like that from a boy....)

More soon (i.e. not the ridiculous amount of time it took for me to

post this.) ;)


originally uploaded by beckybumblefuck.
(pictures taken by P. Nuzzi)