Monday, January 29, 2007

The conclusion of the whirlwind tour

Virginia...Connecticut....Pittsburgh....New York City...all in a month's time.
it was lovely....but time to go home....

He missed his best friend dearly....

Noel's best friend, Bryant, composed his 2006 Christmas List. Amongst the toy trains and usual boy toys, there was something special..."a sleepover with Noel."

Earlier in the year, Bryant entered kindergarden. It had not been an easy transition, despite his cleverness and experience with organized child programs. He was still the youngest in the class. He pined for loud silliness with his best girl friend....

As you can see, he still believes in Santa Claus: Santa delivered what he wished for most.

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Images of the last couple months...

(I'll give ya more, but let me just tease you with a little taste first...)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ya know....

Ready to go.
Time to get the lil Lady.
Right. And the not working. *sigh*
OK, time to fire up the 'ole leg power.
After navigating the debris of the back driveway, I push off toward the school.

Me in my nice outfit complete with black pointy high heels pedaling away with the caravan in tow....
Round the roundabout...down the lane...over the Curly Bridge, avoiding the doodoo...slow passing along the mucky path...around the tree-branches littering the walkway...less than 10 minutes late.

Turn back around...fighting the blustery winds...navigating around the clumps of blinkered Mums....sugar low (oops, forgot lunch)...starting to sweat...goddamn that volvo....f'it, I'm walking.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Favorite Request of 2007 (so far)

[early morning hours]

Noel: "Mommy, I look cold."
"I need a hot cuddle."