Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A blog on a blog

It's so strange to see peeople post things like their condom purchasing experience on their blog. Are they trying to incite offers? Have fate strike at them by making the next time that they need them be so far in the future that they've gone bad? And the purchasing of condoms without a real intent is strange to me too. Like any birth control that I've ever procured has had someone's name all over it. It's never been, "hmmm, I wonder who will get the pleasure of using this with me?" ;) And if I ever random shop: ya know, buy crap that is an afterthought and had no connection to any goal or need other than to subjugate some other thing that I felt was missing in my life, then I wouldn't buy condoms. How about some nice smelly candle or a lipstick (or chapstick, if that person were like me) or some good, new music? OK, so back to posting personal stuff on a website. I guess electronic words are more impersonal than I thought because many of things that I read I would blush at if it were just me re-reading old stuff in my own diary. But I've begun to think of myself as uptight and maybe this just adds to the evidence.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

BeckyBumblefuck Blogging?

Really, there's no time for this new pet. But it's so irresistable...
And blogging has GOT to increase my hip-rating (yo, just rationalize away...)

You, know, the East coast smells so much more than the midwest, and I don't mean in a pleasant way. Why must there BE so many frequent, unpleasant odors? OK, ok. Yes the midwest does have it's manure issues, but at least it's limited to a specific time of year. But in the east coast's favor, grocery stores of the East coast completely *rock* the buildings that they're passing off as marts in the midwest. The food is just so much more yummier and interesting, and not even stupidly priced, as you might expect. One request, though, East coast marts: can't you have a nice grid pattern? You're so screwed if you follow the windy paths of certain unnamed stores and have the late epiphany that you've run out of carrots. You're stuck redoing the entire trip, if you neglect to pick up something (such as carrots) which were placed near the entrance of the store. Maybe East coasters don't even know that there is a better, more logical way to set up their stores because they're so used to that crap when they're out driving. There's no use even trying to muster some sense of direction or use logic when navigating the streets. It can be pretty ugly without a nice, lovely grid pattern (props, Chicago!)