Thursday, March 08, 2007

daft Sod

Yeah, that's me.

I'd like to say it was the three rum-and-cokes or the pot-haze or heavy pounding in my ears....but really there's no excuse for the muddled response I had to meeting Cate Blanchett at the Nine Inch Nails concert last night. While being jostled by the crowd, I murmured, "She's famous" to my Sweetheart, apparently not too far away from Cate. She turned around and asked me, "What?" And me? I was dumbfounded. I was quiet for a few moments....just long enough for a throng of black-enrobed, pierced, colored and spiked-hair concert-goers to shove themselves in between us as they struggled to arrive at the exit. And then she was gone from view, likely on the streets of London, not on her way to the tube, like me. I was left mumbling about Elizabeth the I, the elf-queen in the Lord of the Rongs, and the witch in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe-and my favorite of all-the seer in The Gift.

What should I have said? Should I have sung my praises of her acting skills, tripping over myself to express just how moved I had been by her films? Ranted on about how she's been my favorite actress for several years gone? I think, had I been in a clear state of mind, I would have asked her what she thought of the concert.


Mummy/Crit said...

Ah well, love. No going back now, unless she's the kind of person who Googles herself (or has her staff Google her). In which case, here's the perfect opportunity. I always go shy and hopeless at the prospect of talking to anyone famous. The captain of the local rugby (and sometime captain of the Australian team) comes into my shop on a regular basis. I've never said anything to him beyond "how's your day?" (and apparently that suits him, according to the girls at the cafe up the road where he also goes - he's not into being made a fuss over)...

So, BBFK, what should you have said?? i reckon "how did you like the show?" is a pretty safe bet.

Depth of Fish said...

She's got to be used to it. I did the same thing to her, when I saw her in Ventura, CA during the filming of The Aviator. I stuttered and tripped all over myself there.

Se is one of my favorites too, which is why I would kill to have that opportunity back.

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Thanks Babe. *hug*

It is comforting to hear that I'm not the only one.

Lever said...

I totally forgot about Cate Blanchett being there... now how can you forget your hero/heroine's name? You'd know their names and know just what to say if you met George W or Jeb, so it's kinda ironic to let Cate slip by... I'm sure you'll have tea with her one day :)

rebekah said...

if you do have tea with her, i'm going to be mad if you dont invite me. i love her to pieces. every hair on her head. and i would have kissed her, i said to lever. ...which may or may not be a better response than you gave her :)

searchingforMrDarcy said...

no worse than when I said to Corey Feldman, "I'm sorry but I just had to come over and say HI". Yep that's it, oh, I do think I got to shake his hand. But Oh yeah that was totally witty. Grrrr. Corse now I wouldn't probably wouldn't even bother saying HI but in my 20s I was still s sucker for the Coreys. Then I went and made out with a very large Stanford football player, but that's another story ....

Bulbboy said...

Cate has probably perfected the temporary-brain-inducing "What?"-fog(™) to stun fans into a daze, while she makes her getaway. The things these celebrities have to do, I ask you. :D

Groucho Castaneda said...

1. Cate didn't play the witch in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"... that would be Tilda Swinton, one of the god/desses in my personal Pantheon of Androgynous Sex Appeal, right next to Annie Lennox, David Bowie, and Grace Jones.

2. If one must initiate a conversation with a famous artist that they meet on the street, the best-case scenario is a simple:

YOU: "I really enjoy your work."
THEM: "Thanks."

Please remember that for your upcoming encounter with Clive Owen.

- E

Monks said...

It may seem like a momentary lapse of reason, to not have praised your favorite actress, but I think it was a good move. I mean, why join the the rest of the world in kissing the ass of someone famous?

I also feel an afinity to saying SOMETHING to famous actors/actresses when I run into them...but then, there I am blending in with the rest of the people in the world and don't make any kind of difference to the actor/actress...saying something that would probably end up being meaningless to the person I respect.

I think, if I didn't freeze up and I ran into someone famous I respected, I might say/do: "I really enjoy your work, thanks." Gesture at a high five or give 'em one of the finger point and wink gestures. Start and End the conversation, expect nothing, not even a thank you. If you get a conversation or friendship out of it...BONUS.

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Like I said, I'm a daft sod.

*huge grin*
You're DEFINITELY invited. And why am I not surprised that you fancy her too? ;)

*giggle* Corey Feldman! eighties moment....*drool* ;)

Nice to meet you. :) And thanks for finding a way to make it not completely my own fault....

*shakes head*
Cheers! Thanks for sorting that out. ANd I will go practice now...

Yup, sounds about right. I'm not sure if I could pull it off well though....I'll probably just have to shove Lever in front of me to take over. He's MUCH cooler in these situations.

Lever said...

Except it wasn't Cate Blanchett, it was Tilda Swinton, you daft sod :p